This week’s news from Hughes

Good morning
At last the season seems to be gathering momentum.Some warm nights and clear mornings have stimulated a noticeable increase in tempo.
Courgettes are reaching their peak but are getting difficult to pick as they grow into a thicket. The outdoor ones are flowering now so we’ll be able to switch in a week or so.
Bean yields are also picking up with more coming into production and will be plentiful by next week.
Cucumber and Aubergine continue to host the annual swarm and feast of aphid and ladybird. Ladybirds are profuse but another water wash may be in order. It is midsummer and the infestation is probably at it’s peak and a balance will be restored and growth is still good. The Ladybirds have got a lot of eating to do though. After all these years it still stretches my nerve. I hope that in a week or so I’ll be reporting that I’ve never seen so many ladybirds.
The surviving Cauliflower from Woodland Farms has made decent small heads and is unexpectedly available this week. Broccoli was very good in it’s first week but the hot spell forecast for this week will be challenging.
It will be challenging in the Glasshouse as well.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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