Chard Recipes

Sopas Mallorquinas (Mallorcan Vegetable and Bread Stew)

Serves 4

150g slices of bread preferably dry (dry in oven if necessary)

450g chard

50ml olive oil

4 cloves garlic

2 leeks sliced (though works without this)

450g tomatoes chopped (tinned works fine!)

1 tablespoon chopped parsley or marjoram (could substitute with other herb or dried)

300ml water or stock

Shred chard leaves and put to one side. Slice the chard ribs. Heat olive oil and add garlic, leeks and chard ribs. Cook until tender without browning. Add tomatoes and parsley and simmer until thickened. Add shredded chard leaves, water or stock, season as required and simmer until chard is tender.

Break or cut bread into bite-sized pieces and add to stew a minute or two before serving.

Good served on a bed of rice. Cheers!


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