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Rooting Tooting Golden Soup by Heather Mills

To use up your root veg and make use of free space in your oven. Makes enough for four servings – the swede and carrot make this soup golden.

You will need:

1 large deep baking tray or china dish capable of holding 1 and a half litres of water and veg

Oil/vegetable spread/butter to coat the tray/dish

Sprinkle of dried herbs – oregano is my favourite and goes with most veg

Sprinkle of chilli pepper

Seasonal root veg like a swede, carrots, parsnips, plus a leek and an onion (and small potato to thicken)

1 Vegetable stock cube (low salt, gluten free) or a heaped tablespoon of stock powder

1 large pan to reheat soup


Wash, peel and cut vegetables into chunk – swede, carrots, parsnips, onion, leek, potato.

Put the oil/vegetable spread/butter into the tray/dish and heat in the oven until melted.

Add the vegetables and coat in the melted fat, sprinkle herb and chilli pepper over.

Put into the oven and cook through until skewer goes in easily.

Allow to cool.

Add stock cube dissolved in one and half litres of hot water to vegetables and stir.

Blitz with hand stick blender, or put through food processor in portions until all done.

Reheat in pan or when cool freeze as required.

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