Notes received last Monday from Grahame and Lizzie

Good morning

Temperatures dropping and murky, saturated November air have finished off the late Autumn glasshouse fruits. The last Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes were picked this afternoon, so that’s it for another season.

It has been a good growing season with a welcome extension through September and October making up for a slow beginning. We have been pleased with the quality and yields but have many ideas for improvement of range and look forward to next time round. As ever, the cycle goes on with some more planting to be completed thos week and early 2014 plants ordered for February planting.

In the field Broccoli has had it’s last cut this weekend as the anticipated cold will surely make it’s mark. Although quite wet, it has dried out quite well and we were glad to gather it safely. By contrast the more hardy Savoys and Kale that are adjacent are growing fast, with Kale abundant and Savoy showing promise for the difficult New Year period.

Plenty of Winter crops then.

Best wishes,

Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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