Notes from Hughes Organics 11/11/13

Notes received last Monday from Grahame and Lizzie below:

Good morning,

This week we had our annual Soil Association inspection. I think this is the 32nd annual inspection but they are far more rigorous and comprehensive these days. Our record keeping is pretty good though and Lizzie keeps everything in good order but I don’t find record keeping comes easily in the glasshouse but manage to pull it together at the end.

Anyway it all held together and our accreditation renewed.

The changing season has really diminished Tomatoes now, they are very messy and very few. We have to look to Spinach, Chard and Salad leaves for our production now.

But the Winter field crops are flourishing although the cold nights will soon put an end to Broccoli. Winter Cauliflower should begin soon although as ever much will depend on whether we remain frost free.

Other crops are abundant and it’s good to see Kale, Sprouts and Savoy coming into season.

Best wishes,

Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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