Notes from Grahame & Lizzie 07/07/2014

Good morning

The few days of sunshine and the warmer nights have combined to tip Beans and Courgettes to peak production in the glass, outdoor Courgettes start to yield fruit and cucumbers to start to accumulate. So a good week for growing. On the other hand we will have a break in salad production as we establish a new bed. The first crops of Celery and Salad Onions are also nearing their end but the first Peppers and Aubergines are showing and will soon be cropping if we can recover the sun.

Outside, New Potatoes will begin next week and Cauliflowers and Romanescu will start this week from Woodlands with Broccoli soon to follow.

So the season is gathering pace.

Best wishes

Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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