Notes from the glasshouse 30/05/15

Good morning
It’s almost June. The planting is almost finished, just a day’s work remaining. Then the task of trimming and training begins in earnest, especially if the promised warm and bright weather comes our way.
We have seen the first Bean flowers virtue of a day’s sunshine and they should start to pick in a couple of weeks. Courgettes have already started in a modest way.but should be plentiful by next week. We have some male flowers but few pollinators in this dull weather. Most are setting OK though.
Chard has suddenly become abundant, although as we will use this as a cut and come again it will more sporadic after the initial flush. A couple of weeks of plenty though.
With Cucumbers also coming through in small amounts and just starting to grow vigorously they should also become plentiful within a couple of weeks.
The night temperatures need to improve though, they have struggled a little, an early planting is always a slight risk.
In the field we are pleased to take in the first bunched Carrots of the season, a week earlier than anticipated, while there will be a break in Cauliflowers after this week while we wait a few weeks for the Summer varieties to mature along with the first Broccoli.
So it seems the season has turned for us and it will be great to start to pick instead of plant.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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