Notes from the glasshouse 18/05/15

Notes from the glasshouse:

Good morning
The mid May plants arrived this week and at quite an advanced stage so we must hurry to establish them to take advantage. There is much to do but the temporary lull in cropping will give us a little more time. Peppers and Aubergines will fill the space vacated by Spinach and Salads.
Maincrop Courgettes have germinated but will wait until June before planting outdoors, meanwhile protected Courgettes are on the point of flowering as are climbing Beans. Cucumbers are even closer.
There will be much produce coming to harvest in 2 to 3 weeks so it is important to get the rest of the Summer planting finished quickly.
It is encouraging to see everything growing well and there is much to look forward to with some fair weather.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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