Notes from Grahame and Lizzie received last Monday.

Good morning
As the Summer crops such as Aubergine, Beans and Peppers come into their second flush of productivity the cooler climate and shorter days are making harvesting more manageable compared to the dash of early July. Aubergines are abundant again and have plenty of developing fruit which will be useful in September.
Beans are tumbling down from the high wire in another splendid flush but maturity is much more spaced out meaning lighter picks of generally more slender Beans.
Peppers are also recovering and the new fruit has less virus evident than the early which was damaged by aphid transmitted virus, leading to many discards. The new fruit looks much cleaner so we have renewed hope for a decent Autumn crop.
Tomatoes are past their big flush but are still in steady flow. There are a few Gold and Yellow Cherries to add to the Red. The yellow variety Jubilee are producing few fruits to the truss this year and so are relatively large, 300-350g higher up the plant but the lower fruit (mostly eaten now I hope), have weighed in much higher with the largest 900 g. They are a meal in themselves.
It was good to see some Broccoli last week. there has been an extreme lack of Greens through the Summer but it will soon be rectified we hope. We are resuming Spinach planting this week and have a rejuvenated Chard crop on the horizon so we should see a greener September with Woodlands also starting their Autumn field production.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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