News from the glasshouse

Good morning.

At last some sunshine to speed things up and although the outside air is still cold, the glasshouse soon warms, at least by day. We will see the difference this week both in the standing crops and the seedlings, which will soon be chasing us for attention after a period of slow growth. We will complete the over wintered Spinach and Lettuce harvest this week and will have to wait a few weeks for the Spring plantings to mature. Chard will fill the gap and Leaf salads will soon follow, a week’s sunshine should get them going. Warmer prospects may just suit the sowing of early Beans and Courgettes which will really be a step into Summer mode.
So there is some positive movement in the Glass but outdoor work has been hampered by the heavy rain. It is not often I report that. Drilling has been delayed but conditions should improve significantly this week.

Best wishes,
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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