News from the glasshouse 30/03/15

Good morning
While it always feels auspicious at the passing of the Spring equinox and the start of British Summer Time the accompanying wind and rain have hardly felt like Summer. There is however a promising warmth with the Westerlies that we haven’t felt for weeks and it’s good to feel some Atlantic weather even it has been a bit messy.
The increased temperatures will help with germination which has been noticeably erratic and has encouraged us to sow early Beans and Courgettes in the hope conditions will have improved by the time they emerge.
Growth is still slow but should start to recover now and we are due to take delivery of the first Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Celery in just three weeks. How time flies.
In the meantime we are able to maintain a modest supply of Chard and Salads and the next Spinach crop will be ready in a fortnight.
The Spring Cauliflower season is starting in earnest but PSB is still scarce. Field grown Spring Greens are also gathering pace and with the warmer temperatures should be at full production next week.
Carrots and Potatoes continue but with limited amounts left now. All other roots are finished so soon it will be just the leaf crops.
There are lots growing, they just need some help from the sun.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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