News from the glasshouse – 23/03/2015

Good morning
The incessant cloud, which obscured the eclipse for all but the last gasp, finally lifted today giving a welcome burst of sun to lift the gloom.
It is still too cold to risk Courgette and Bean seed and even Salads and Spinach is struggling to germinate but a bright spell will make all the difference.
There is still plenty of Chard which is making it,s burst of Spring growth before starting to flower. We should have plenty for several weeks. Salads have been slow growing but there is still plenty for now although the next batch still has some growing to do.
It does have a Spring like feel, with leaves in abundance but it will take a change in the wind before risking Summer crops. In the field we have plenty of Cauliflower coming now and the first field Greens will be ready this week but other root crops, including Carrots are diminishing if not fallen off the list altogether. It’s time to to eat leaves!
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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