News from last Monday:

Good morning
We are still planting. It is relentless through May. The Tomatoes are almost finished, Fennel and Salad Onion in their place and space being cleared as Spring crops finish. We have reached the end of the Spinach and Chard crops and that should make the space to complete the transition to Summer crops.
We still have a week or two of Salads and some Red and Green Oak leaf Lettuce just beginning.
Some sunshine would encourage the first Courgette flowers, while the slightly warming weather has also seen the Celery and Beans start to stretch. So it is all starting to shape but there are still lots of Aubergine and Pepper plants demanding attention.
It is very lean on the production front. Cauliflowers are highly productive but likely to dip until the next variety comes through. All roots but the large Beetroot have finished, Leeks are towards their end and only a few tons of Potato remain. It is a typical “hungry gap”. We are grateful for Asparagus and Rhubarb for some variety and soon we could be looking at Courgettes but Celery. Beans and the bunching Carrots will be more likely to be harvesting in mid June.
It is good to see it all coming on though.
Best wishes Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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