News from Hughes

Good morning.
There is a thin layer of snow on the ground, and a chill Easterly wind outside so we have a brief taste of Winter, I hope. Just as the mild weather has prematurely wakened the plant world and insects (I spotted several ladybirds this week), I have been feeling quite enthused for the new season, but a spell of cold will slow the haste to set seeds and the ladybirds will retire for a longer rest. So a brief spell of cold I hope.
Our fieldsman will have prepared for the cold forecast and Leeks were harvested before the weekend and the same will be true of the roots. Savoys have protective covers to keep the snow off so we don’t anticipate any interruptions to supply with several crops in store already.
Good news is we have been informed there will be Carrots at least until the end of March and probably Early April depending how they hold up. Cauliflowers and some PSB should start next week although that may get set back if the cold weather is prolonged
Best wishes ,
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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