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Good morning
Taking stock of the glasshouse today it is showing signs of plenty. Tomatoes are well formed and a small amount of Cherries have already been sampled. Aubergines are emerging with deep, rich purple skin. Both will soon be ready soon.
Mini Cucumbers have have fared well but Peppers are further behind having needed much “defruiting” to help them recover from the earlier aphid infestation.
Early Beans are cropping well but the second planting is less substantial after suffering stress in the initial heatwave and then from the subsequent cold as it disappeared. They are recovering now and should start yielding in the next few weeks.
In this season of extreme weather there have been several problems. We have had temperatures in excess of 40c on numerous occasions and this is always challenging.
But the heatwave that prompted the melon aphid outbreak that killed the Early Courgettes has also aided the massive Ladybird population that has taken over of pest control with astonishing efficiency. An Aphid is hard to find at the moment, let’s hope it stays that way. At this time of the year Red Spider becomes the main concern and we may need some help with that with some more specialist predators.
Mid July is the time everything really starts to bear fruit. Generally the crops look promising and we look forward with hopeful anticipation.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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