News from Hughes 09/11/15

Good morning
Another dull and damp week and it was the turn of Tomatoes to make their exit. Peppers will follow after a final pick and there are Winter plants waiting in the wings.
We do have some Green Oak Lettuce making reasonable size and we will start harvesting this week, better to start young than hold out for more weight and encounter problems. Everywhere is exceptionally wet which is not ideal.
Woodlands have eased into the Winter Cauliflower season.They have well wrapped curds which is essential for protection from wet and cold and at the moment the crop looks promising. Sprouts are also looking excellent and making good weight on the stems. They may need some cold to slow them down.
At Brecklands however the Broccoli is in it’s final days, more or less according to schedule and the same is true of Pointed Cabbage which will be succeeded by Savoys which will stand through the Winter and are looking good.
There is some delay with the main root harvest from Woodlands but it is anticipated soon.
Although still very mild the crops are settling into Winter anyway.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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