News from early February

Good morning
As February looms I realise it is time to draw all the thoughts and
plans for the coming season together. Ordering becomes increasingly
imperative as sowing and planting dates loom ever closer and the sense
of urgency increases after a relatively relaxed period. Should the
Winter continue in a mild vent then there will be advantages to be
gained early on. We have some over wintered salads coming ready to
plant and some Chard germinated at ambient temperature over Christmas!
More sowings are planned for this week to take advantage of the
continuing warmth.
The Autumn planted chard and Spinach are also being tidied and watered
and look likely to crop again in March. It will start to get busy now
in preparation for a major planting period in March to catch some
early crops to clear before summer planting.
With the Winter vegetable supply relatively stable in the mild
conditions the main question will be how long they will last,
particularly Carrots. But we do have some Spring Greens this week, 2
months earlier than last year! They will continue for good while.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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