News Early June

Good morning
So much for a bright beginning to June. Cloud and rain have certainly slowed things down. In truth the rain is much needed in the field but as ever unbroken sunshine suits us better in the Glasshouse! We certainly haven’t had that. But it is a chance to catch up and clear up now planting is complete. With Courgettes slowing up in this weather, harvesting is minimal but there are areas to be cleared and some later crops begun.
There are also Cucumbers to plant, replacements for the earlier failure. With only 100 of 480 surviving to planting we are woefully short of anticipated production in this period when there is relatively little available, a great disappointment. The few we have are starting to produce but there re so few!
On a brighter note the bunched Carrot harvest has begun and quality is good. They will enjoy this rain. Although there were losses in the cold Spring there are still plenty and in a few weeks we should have loose Carrots as well.
We also have Bean flowers, so only a week late. The crop is very patchy reflecting the difficulty we had in getting it established in the cold Spring. It is getting going now though nod Beans will only be a few weeks way.
But what we really need is for the sun to return.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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