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Good morning
The cold has certainly slowed things up.
Sprouting Broccoli is still scarce although it has been possible to gather some Cauliflower between frosts, some of which have been quite severe in Lincolnshire. So we do have some Cauli available although it will be of smaller size, being packed at 15/box, rather than be allowed to grow on and expose the curd to the frost.
As soon as the weather turns for the better we hope the Spring Brassicas will be full on.
In the Glasshouse it is similar, with crops almost ready. A little overwintered Lettuce could start next week although the majority is expected for mid April.
Salad leaves will be mid March for any reasonable quantity but Spinach and Chard will gather pace now and we will start with a smaller bag size which will increase as the crop develops.
So slowly the crops should start coming in and we will be into Spring and we can look forward all that it brings.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes


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