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Good morning.
There is a little bit more of September about the air now.
The exceptionally hot spell seriously boosted Tomato ripening and also extended some extra late development of Aubergines, both very welcome. Tomatoes are picking high in the vines now and are slower ripening as the temperatures fall. They will be few after this week and Aubergines will be the same. Then it will be a concentrated planting time as we replace with Winter and Spring crops.
Outside Broccoli is abundant from the Breckland farm and Pointed Cabbage will follow at the end of this week.
In Lincolnshire the Potato harvest is nearing it’s end and we will resume Winter produce from there early next month with Beetroot ,Kales and Cauliflower as well as Potatoes.
That will mark a major shift in season.
Best wishes,
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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