Latest from Hughes 22/08/16

Good morning
As some of the early summer crops have started to clear we have been able to get some Autumn Chard, Salads and Spinach going to take us into the next season. It will be back to leaves. In the meantime the fruiting crops of Tomatoes, Aubergine and Peppers are reaching their peak over the next couple of weeks. As ever Summer seems to have passed in a flash. In the Glasshouse the crops have run pretty well but the field crops are still challenging. Onions are likely to be scarce and roots still a slight unknown. Squash are reportedly small from Bedlams but we wait to hear of the crop at Wakelyn’s. Later planted Brassicas should have fared ok but delayed planting in poor conditions will be challenging to continuity. We will see how it all unfolds but few seasons have been as difficult as this.
Best wishes,
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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