Choose Your Own

For some people, not knowing what will be in their box every week is part of the excitement of having a standard organic box delivery. It challenges you to find ways of using vegetables you wouldn’t normally buy and discover great new recipes.


Others may prefer our “Choose your own” system if:

You like to plan your meals in advance
You have some of your own produce
You have an allergy or intolerance
Standard boxes are never in quite the right quantities!

How it works:

Every weekend we send out a full list of what products should be available that week. Remember that this list is compiled in advance. Sometimes producers are unable to fulfill orders due to, perhaps, bad weather. Sometimes produce is not up to scratch when it arrives at the warehouse. We do our best to substitute equivalent items where possible, taking into account any instructions you may care to give us.

Ideally, we would like your order in by noon on a Monday, so we can adjust our own orders if necessary. Otherwise you email or telephone your order by 9am the morning before your delivery day

If you miss this deadline it is worth ringing us on 01603 406124, as we may well be able to squeeze you in.

You can still have a standing order for bread, eggs wholefoods etc.

We deliver your order to your door on your usual day. Enjoy!

This is a premium, personalised service and so the basic prices are slightly higher than box contents, which are packed in large numbers, rather than individually.

There is a minimum order value of £20, although this can include bread, eggs etc. Otherwise there is a £3 delivery charge.

If the vegetables and fruit invoiced come to more than £50, they attract a 5% discount.