Bread made with organic flour from Norwich Bakery, Norwich. (Part of the Green Grocer’s, Earlham Rd)

Please note – All of our sandwich loaves can be sliced at no extra cost.

Hand Moulded Tin Loaves

Country Wheaten Sandwich Loaf800g£2.65
Country Wheaten Sandwich Loaf400g£1.75
White Farmhouse Sandwich Loaf800g£2.65
White Farmhouse Loaf400g£1.75
Malt House Sandwich Loaf800g£2.95
Malt House Loaf400g£2.05
Malt House Seeded Sandwich Loaf800g£3.15
100 % Wholemeal Bread800g£2.80
New York Deli Caraway Sandwich800g£2.95

Hand Shaped Loaves

Country Wheaten Farmhouse Cobb800g£2.65
Country Wheaten Farmhouse Cobb400g£1.75
White Farmhouse Cobb800g£2.65
White Farmhouse Cobb400g£1.75
White Farmhouse Batch Loaf800g£2.65
White Farmhouse Batch Loaf400g£1.75
Poppy Seed Bloomer800g£2.75
Poppy Seed Bloomer400g£1.80
Malt House Seeded Cobb800g£3.15
Malt House Seeded Cobb400g£2.05
Malt House Malted Grain Bloomer800g£3.15
Malt House Malted Grain Bloomer400g£2.05
Pain Compleat (100% Wholemeal Cobb)800g£2.80
Scottish Oat & Honey Cobb400g£2.40

Italian Hand Shaped Loaves

Ciabatta Loaf
Focaccia with olive oil, fresh rosemary & sea salt400g£2.40
Tomato Focaccia with cherry tomatoes, olive oil, & sea salt400g£2.85
Focaccia Sheet 260 mm x 750mm3kg approx£13.10
Black Olive Bread400g£2.55
Confit Garlic Bread400g£2.55
Mature Cheddar and Melting Onion400g£2.55

Sourdough Loaves

White Sourdough1kg£3.20
White Sourdough500g£2.50
Wheaten Sourdough1kg£3.20
Wheaten Sourdough500g£2.50
100 % Light Rye Sourdough600g£2.75


Wheaten Roll - topped with oats or mixed seedsx4£1.85
Floured White Bapx4£1.85
Tiger Crusted White Deli Sub Torpedox4£2.50
Malt House Roll - with malted grains or mixed seeds £1.75x4£1.90
Ciabatta Rollx4£2.25
Focaccia Roll - with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Rosemary & sea saltx4£2.50