A word from the growers 07/04/15

Good morning
March departed with the fiercest winds we have suffered for several years. For the most part we have missed the worst of recent storms but the wind at the beginning of the week really rattled the Glasshouse, shaking several cracked panes loose and shattering them along the rippling roof, nerve tingling moments.
It was our main harvesting days so we had to grab the leaves quickly and head for the safety of the warehouse to pack.The winds were sustained for a long period as well but in the end there was only minor new damage, although there are several sheets of glass to replace after the Winter’s accumulated storms.
At Brecklands, the fleece covering the newly sown Carrots has been blown off again. The early sowings are reluctant to germinate in the cold conditions and the crop will be much later than last year.
Cauliflowers are going well although had to be harvested prior to the weekend to avoid the forecast frosts, but they look good.
Glasshouse leaves have responded well to a couple of brighter days with plenty of Chard and Leaf Beet Spinach available and Spinach to follow.
With another cold spell forecast for the end of the week it is proving to be a very variable Spring with crops significantly affected and with Summer crops due to be planted soon we will be hoping for a significant change.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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