A word from our main suppliers 02/11/15

Good morning
Gradually the Summer crops are being removed and replaced with seedling leaf crops and the Glasshouse landscape flattens out as tall summer crops are replaced with short salads. The Glasshouse seems quite big again. But it is filling and we still have a home raised batch of plants to be set out.
There are plenty of Salad leaves now and Chard and Landcress are growing well. Beans have slowed up after a decent flush and the development has been poor in the dull light. A few more days like today would make a difference though, where did that come from?
From the fields we are taking some Savoy and Sprouts as well as some Red Potatoes from Woodlands this week. We expect Parsnip and Swede to follow while the Winter Carrots will also start.
We have been fortunate that Breckland Organics have found a good area of Carrots that seem relatively undamaged and they should give time for the Woodlands crop to get going and hopefully carry us through to Spring.
So it is all taking shape for the Winter months even if today did feel like September!
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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