A word from Hughes:

Good morning
As anticipated the cold has held back the Cauliflower for a week but the promised crop should begin along with some PSB next week we hope.
The glasshouse continues to make good progress. The timetable gradually takes shape as the plant raising schedule is confirmed. We look set to be busy planting through April and May. Over wintered crops must be cleared to make way, so now we can schedule the harvesting of the Chard, Spinach and salads that currently occupy space and the stream of seedlings ready to plant.
Already the pace is increasing and the energy rising.
The first drilling of bunching Carrots will take place this week, the ground protected over winter with black weed suppressant covers. On the light sands here at Breckland the accent is on early cultivations so they will be busy on the farm as well.
Of the Winter crops, Carrots look to continue and are in better condition than feared, although still a light crop. Our longstanding relationship with Woodlands has helped to maintain sufficient supply despite the shortage. They should continue into April we hope.
Greens are also plentiful and should be around for a while but Breckland Savoy will finish this week, although there will be alternatives.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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