A word from Hughes

As we approach August we find ourselves concentrating on our own Glasshouse production and that of Breckland Organics. With orders for other field crops typically low, we find it uneconomic to collect from Woodlands Farm in Lincolnshire who often supply cauliflower and calabrese among other things.
In the meantime we have a good harvest from the Glasshouse with many crops now in full flow.. Brecklands have had many weather related problems and the Onion crop is one casualty, not reaching a suitable size. However they are able to salvage some smaller grade for us to use, and that should supply us until the New Year at least. Many Onion crops have been lost in East Anglia as a result of mildew, the scourge of wet seasons, so we are fortunate.
We are waiting to hear about Sweetcorn which also suffered in the rainy season but should have enjoyed the warmer, drier July.
I will keep you updated but the availability will change little over the next few weeks although we should have a full range of heritage Tomatoes from the end of this week so they will come available.
Best wishes
Grahame and Lizzie Hughes

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